If Dematrial and Racco's engagement session is any indication, their wedding next April is going to be SUCH a blast! I spent five minutes embarrassingly trying to find my keys, which I had just used to open up my car before exiting LSU Hilltop Arboretum, and I still left with a smile on my face because I could not wait to see all of the joy and love that we just captured!

The future Desira's, who love to travel and make time for spontaneous date nights together, met through a mutual friend and chatted for a year before deciding to make things official. Later, Racco proposed at a game night with their friends. Dematrial tells it best... "Everything just seemed to stop and all eyes were literally on me. I was looking around not knowing why everyone is staring until I caught him in my peripheral sliding on the floor like a snake." - LOL - "I Instantly turned towards him and broke down crying. He didn't even have to ask me because I beat him to the punch and said yesssss!"