I’ve been excited about this session for a little while, now! Brian proposed in early October and as a lover of all things fall and winter, Kaylie immediately knew what she would like to do for her engagements! We started the afternoon at Brian’s parents’ beautiful Baton Rouge home and immediately after, headed to my grandparents’ scenic property in Watson!

Kaylie had every detail planned out perfectly! The only challenge was the weather wasn’t quite as cooperative as we had hoped. There was no rain, but the sun didn’t want to peak through those clouds, and if you follow my work, you know that I love finding the glow!

So! In the winter and fall outfits, what you don’t see is my husband Loren either standing on a step ladder with a flash behind them or behind me. There was a lot of adjusting going on, but I’m thrilled with the cozy look that we achieved!

Kaylie and Brian met for the first time on February 18 of this year and had an instant connection! “We had trouble saying goodbye the first night, because we wanted to keep talking,” Kaylie explained. “Really, that was the case for our first several dates. Very quickly, we became inseparable and spent almost every waking hour that we could together.”

They both knew early on that this would be “it!” Also, fun fact: Kaylie wore this adorable black dress to their first date at Bonefish Grill!

“As much as I used to want to say, ‘love at first sight did NOT exist,’ I was proven wrong and felt something I had never felt the very moment I saw Brian,” Kaylie gushed.

Exactly 299 days after that first date and on his birthday, Brian got down on one knee and told Kaylie that he knew he loved her the moment they met. They’ll be getting married in December 2020 at the church Brian grew up in, which Kaylie’s brother and sister-in-law also married in ten years prior!

Together, they love to play putt-putt, binge watch TV shows, cook, travel and find try out new tasty restaurants!

I can’t wait for their December 2020 wedding!