Have you ever found out you have something in common with someone and then just talk 90-to-nothing for 5 minutes straight because you are so excited to have someone to chat about it with? Yeah... that was me for the first half hour of this session. I always send a questionnaire to each family and couple before we meet and in Samantha and Brian's answers, I learned that they like Broadway. Plus, they have been to several on and off-Broadway productions! One reason being, that they are actually from the northeast US, specifically, Rhode Island! In fact, their first date was at the award-winning Waterfire Providence!

Samantha recently moved to the Baton Rouge area to pursue an opportunity in her thriving career and Brian followed shortly after! When we shot this Downtown session, these two had only been back to living in the same state, for a week after months of being states away from each other!

The pair met four years ago as senior resident hall staffers and started dating shortly after Brian asked Samantha to be his hall partner. Together, they love to make fun of bad movies, see musicals, play board games, try new foods, and explore new city and parks!

Now... try not to smile as you check out my favorites from Samantha and Brian's downtown Baton Rouge engagement session and make sure you scroll to the bottom, because the sunset did NOT disappoint!